Cctv Camera Surveillance System

Video surveillance is all about observing a scene or number of locations to observe human behavior.
Most common video surveillance includes observing the public at the entry to sports events, public transportation (train platforms, airports, etc.), and around the perimeter of secure facilities, especially those directly bound by community spaces.

Common types of Surveillance systems Cameras:

Wired Indoor Cameras

Wired cameras are typically connected to a primary recording device by a coaxial cable or ethernet cable. These are the most common type of cameras used widely at homes & offices.

Wireless Indoor Cameras

Primarily known as the wifi camera worldwide, as the name refers, its operations are wireless. The cameras connect to a wifi network and store their footage in the cloud or locally connected system called the NVR or the DVR.

Wired Outdoor Cameras

The only difference is that they are more durable and weather protected as they are designed to be operated outdoor.

Like the wired cameras, they are centrally connected to a recording device mainly called the NVR or the DVR.

They can be mounted on walls or the ceilings; they must be plugged into the power to operate.

Wireless Outdoor Cameras

Wireless outdoor cameras are more weather friendly and they operate through the wifi, they are connected to the NVR and uploading directly to the cloud storage.

The footage can be viewed anywhere in the world on any device, the only thing you need is an active internet connection.