Designer Boutiques In Islamabad

There are many bridal dress shops and boutiques in Islamabad that offer a wide range of beautiful bridal dresses. Here are a few options you can consider:

  1. La Reine Bridal: Located in F-7 Markaz, La Reine Bridal is a high-end bridal dress shop that offers exquisite wedding dresses and accessories.
  2. The House of Kamiar Rokni: This is a renowned Pakistani fashion house located in Islamabad that specializes in bridal wear. They offer both traditional and modern bridal dresses.
  3. Al-Karam Studio: Located in F-7 Markaz, Al-Karam Studio offers a range of affordable bridal dresses that are perfect for brides on a budget.
  4. Sobia Nazir: Sobia Nazir is a well-known fashion designer who has a flagship store in Islamabad. Her bridal dresses are known for their intricate embroidery and elegant designs.
  5. Maria B.: Maria B. is another popular Pakistani fashion designer who has a store in Islamabad. Her bridal dresses are a blend of traditional and modern styles.

These are just a few options among many in Islamabad, and you can explore more options depending on your budget and personal preferences.