Terms & Conditions:

Imported Products on pre-order

  1. An order that has been confirmed cannot be cancelled or changed in the middle of the process.
  2. We will charge full advance payment in case of imported products available on pre-order.
  3. If you cancel the order or refuse it after confirmation, we will deduct 30% of the total sale price.
  4. Depending on the import process, the import process can take up to 30-50 days.
  5. Wait patiently if the import is delayed for some reason.
  6. All customers must pay courier charges, they are non-negotiable.
  7. Refunds are only available if the product is defective or not as described.

Products in Stock

  1. The customer must confirm their order with a legit profile, contact number, and delivery address.
  2. Wait. Delivery time takes 5-7 days for locally available products, so order now.
  3. If the customer places an order and later cancels it, we will charge 10% of the amount as compensation to cover courier costs and time being used.
  4. If a customer refuses to receive their order for no reason, the courier charges will be paid by the customer.

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