Best Heels For Beginner a Complete Guide

Wearing heels is every girl’s dream even when she is little she fascinates all the gorgeous ladies wearing high and sexy heels.

Now no one is perfect at all we all are beginners at some stage and we all make mistakes, even fall down a couple of times before we learn to ride a horse like a pro. Now wearing heels for the very first time is as tricky as driving a car first time, riding a horse the first time you will learn to be comfortable with it eventually later that thing becomes part of your instinct, you start doing something unknowingly but you are doing it.

The Best Heels for Beginners

Now coming back to the topic of why one needs to wear heels for the first time? Whether you have a date, you have a wedding or are going for a formal interview at the office and you wanna look pretty. Whatever the reasons you have to keep in mind always to use medium heels with block heels and rounded toe as a beginner. Don’t ever think of wearing pointed toe heels they look good no doubt but they can be a real pain when you are wearing them the first time.

Remember Max 2.5″ to 3″ in start

So use block heel with a max of 3″ and a rounded toe that’s your best friend in start, with the passage of time you will get used to wearing it and get comfortable then step up and chose the next level, for instance, go for pointed toe with a pencil heel, (stable heel) and try it for a while. Once you have acquired the knowledge of how to balance yourself while wearing pencil heels then you can eventually increase the size of the heels gradually.

Size guideline

If you have worn flat or sneakers all your life and you wear 9 size for example in flats then you don’t want to buy 9 sizes in heels, it depends on the shape of your feet, it is highly recommended you go to a shoe store and try the different sizes and walk with it so whichever is most comfortable buy that.

If you are buying your shoes online then you need to be sure of your feet built, is it slim is it wide what is the length of the feet from heels to toes once you are sure then you ask the seller give them the measurements and they will give you the best size according to your measurement and built.

Why not wedges?

Wedges are a good choice as well when getting started but they can be tricky too, in wedge your shoe is inclining towards toes putting all the weight to your toe, if the shoe is a little lose and it is opened toe then your feet can slide in and it is really really uncomfortable to walk with.

Cons of wearing high heels

High-heeled shoes are no doubt tempting but it forces our bodies into uncomfortable postures which leads to back pain problems. By wearing high heels our feet increase the amount of pressure placed on the balls of our feet and force our bodies forward. It makes your body unbalanced which is not good at all, you could fall down injure yourself or injured your muscles even.


We have compiled a list of heels that a beginner can wear, we have a team of professionals who have years of experience in selling best shoes at Ravishing Collection. So this list will save you a lot of time and energy for you, we have the list just chose the best from the many.

Just keep in mind the above guidelines we have discussed in this article and you will be fine.

Best Heels for Beginners list

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